Sunday, December 12, 2010


Dear Family + friends, If you don't know what to get for me, Please see the wishlist
that I've created at

P.S. Not another pair of argyle socks please!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

YOu you and you..

It was saturday !! went to ex secondary school to watch singing competition and it was awesome...
Congratulation to Cheah KM who got 1st place and followed by a dark horse singer Tan sy..
Spellman had a noob mic so his voice was blur at first but he did great after few seconds later..
The hot dog they sold was excellent, wanted to get another one but its out of order..

actually main thing i went there is to see someone special..
and did it.. nice seeing and chatting back friend who never changes her kind and wonderful attitude..
Never regret going and regretted going back without a bye.. sorry =(

after school, 9 of us went for movie session..
we watched sorcerer apprentice and i rate if 8.5/10..
Great show for entertainment and magics lol..
ate nando's for lunch and learned that saturday is so packed at mv..
every restaurant full house till we have to wait for the non full one for 9 places.
back at 6.30pm and straight to bed till today 11pm.. tiring yet satisfied day non of the day of this year made me this happy. hahass

sorry phei sze.. cant turn out to your party but i still wish you beearly happy birthday ^^.

thats for all.

Thursday, December 31, 2009


cant believe i'm updating now =x.....
just came back from celebrating new year at paparich
and couldn't sleep.. so i decided to update b4 i goes go ns~~
i miss my friends as they say goodbye..
i love my friends when they say hi again..
everyone promised to meet each other after ns and everything...
i hope the promise will be locked and fullfill..
OMG feel like crying now.. so kid XD..
cant believe i'm going ns in just less than 1 and a half days.

recently just gathered with my primary buddies and i cant imagine
how their personality changes..
many became fun and crazy XD
as the boys and girls grew up to be very charming and gorgeous.
hope to have more of those gathering together with you all.
love you all 6C!!.. never forget u all except some due to memory lost =x..
and thanks amanda and her funny mum that sent me home in time..
if u dont know who's amanda u can go to her blog or her facebook XD..
dont say i never intro leng lui to u all =P..
amanda's growing is fast..
jia jun hair was awesome..
ivan body is huge~
wen yen glasses fassion.
kui leem's hair is hawt.
ern hui is still that beauty.
vince is still funny..
vivien has become crazy XD..
cheau jing has become fancy..
evelyn is as cute as usual..
see kiat became a genius..
jun yen as funny as always..
yew onn is cold like ice..
sara became a princess..
chen yew become hardworking..
wei ming changes the most..
carmen still the same..
choy yi became talkative..
thats all i can summarize about those who attend that day.. =x
hope the next gathering will be even more fun and crazy XD..

after my primary gathering..
here comes my secondary gathering...
few couldn't attend due to busyness of new year eve with family..
but most of them came =))
watched alvin and the chipmunks 2.. the rating i give is 7/10..
not a very awesome show but full of laughter.
went to arcade with kok keong and wai kwong and they won sweets xD i mean bought sweets from the machine..
went back home at 6 and ready for new year eve gathering with my gangs
i think thats all at my hse =x
5 mins b4 twelve we went out for fresh air and shout like nobody's there.. LOL
after the shoutings we went to paparich for supper and it was great.. =)
reach home 2.30am and i'm here now xD..

Laastlyy~~ hope everyone have a great new year and a year full of laughter and joy with friends and family..
although 2009 brings us many unjoyfull memory..
but 2010 is here to help you forget it =x...
2009 is history now so look forward and dont look back except your mistakes =x..
ok thats all i have to say..
nites everyone.. <3 you'll..
be heading to bkt jalil car park C in 1 day and 3 hours >_<..
be sure to miss me ya XD..

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Say Hello !

Hey, I'm back to update this blog, I know the owner not been updating a lot.
So me(babymina) is kind enough to update for him, wahahaha.

Today it's Chee kuan's birthday, so we went out to celebrate for her.
The girls sang so nice today, nicer than spellman, blek :p *giggles*
Hmm, then we came back to Carol's(me) house to waste time and play Cafe World.
Oh, Mr.Fung Soon also is very professional in Cafe World, very active too :D
So now, we probably doing nothing because Mr. Jia Meng is bathing like a dumb blonde.
Stay tune for more updates about this event, hehehehs.

The owner is very busy with homeworks and Cafe World & Dota.
He is very evil to abandon this blog so please don't bother to come here.
But you should go to becase it's so awesome there.
Do click on my ads & don't forget to drop some tags in my tagboard.

& Please do come here more often and drop me more comments!

BabyminaTheAwesome OUT! (: Visit meee !



Wednesday, August 26, 2009


gone for 2 weeks LOL..
sry for those who viewed and disappointed cause i din't update =X
basically nth much to update....

Just recently went out with my classmates to sunway
to hav ice skating also free buffet lunch at shogun..
having fun ice skating XD due to i knew how to skate last time i went there.

early morning, i woke up and bath to get ready to sunway..
At 9.ooam spell's mum fetched me and poh kien there and three of us were
standing there stupidly until we knew there's an entrance beside the main entrances
went in and wanted to straight skate.. but saw those "pro" there skating...
jump and spin like nobody's business.. so we pai seh to go down also LOL..
until we saw lee chin and friends only we went down..
then we pay and get tickets and went inside to skate due to there are many noobs there already
that dont know how to skate..
after 2 hours of skating
we went to shogon to hav a fantastic sushi lunch =D
<3 sushis~~

and after shogon we all went to bowling and walk throughout the whole sunway =X
at last.. bought mini donuts and headed straight home =D great day with
classmates and friends..... love you'll <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

looking forward for my daughter keiyan's birthday =DD
wish her joy and happiness~~~
happy and stay beautiful always XD

Saturday, August 8, 2009


weeeeeee finally its a successful competition,
yet a great year compare to previous year..
u did a great job KEI.YAN and SHIN.MEI =D
hope next years juniorss will ga yao..
it is called photography competition....
wher's my picturess??????
basically i doesn't own a camera =.=""
so i just use may yen's camera and snap like no body business.
XD so fun using it..
so u'll can see pict's from sze hui,kei yan, vivian or may yen's blog
if they updated.. =D
hav a great kfc lunch today.. fried things is good for health!!
EAT MORE!!.. as what jh said "eat also die, don eat also die,after eat only suan"
back home and straight dota...
bad habit!!!!!!!
help me!!! exam is three weeks away...
and non of the syllabus of any subject i've complete.
trial is important for early college..

requesting ppl to help me with physic,math and add math..
any volunteer?? T_T..
i really need help.
time available.. almost anytime except mon and tues... =X

not going to mention anything things i've said b4..


Friday, August 7, 2009

Having a phobia @@

TMR!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUi's big day in everyyear =DD
wishes kei yan a success =DD
its photography competition again!!
remembering last year one is so fun..
hope this year will bring more joy and laughter..

=X same group with all my 5's friendssss..
no f4 this year =(( saddd...
but i'm sure it will be a great day tmr =)

GET well all those who sick..
enjoy tmr ya..

taking all my courage to face you**
make me smile plss..